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5/21/10 - The singing scheduled at Bojangles' on N. Main in High Point for tomorrow has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.

5/15/10 - Geral started the day sounding like a bullfrog but after a lot of prayer she regained enough of her voice that she was able to sing a portion of the songs tonight at Bojangles' in Thomasville.  Lisa did a few solo numbers and Darlene and LaVern did a couple of duets to give Geral some rest periods.  The restaurant was full and we got to see several friends that we hadn't got to see in quite a long time.  We were especially honored to have our good friends the Mohlers, missionaries to Guyana, with us this evening.  Thanks to everyone who came out, and please continue to pray for Geral and each member of the group as we have all been struggling with allergies and sinus problems this spring.  If possible, join us next Saturday morning from 10:00am - 11:00am at Bojangles' on N. Main in High Point as we kick off their all-day outdoor singing.

5/12/10 - *** Due to a last minute cancellation we will be singing at Bojangles' in Thomasville this coming Saturday, May 15th, at 6:30pm.  We hope that you can come out and be with us.  ***

5/12/10 - HELP US PICK SONGS!  We have started making plans for our next CD which we hope to record late this summer or early fall.  As always we want to record songs that will be a blessing to those of you who listen to them.  That is why we are asking you to help us choose some of the songs that will be on the CD.  Please sign our GUESTBOOK  and tell us which song or songs that we currently sing and have not yet recorded that you would like to have on the next CD.  You can look at our Music page for a reminder of the songs that we have already recorded and at the bottom of the Music page is a partial list of some of the other songs that we are currently singing.  We will look through all the suggestions and pick some of your favorites to include along with some of our favorites and maybe a new song or two that you haven't heard yet.  We also ask you to pray with us that God will direct in the song selection process and in the recording effort when we get to that point.  Without His Spirit leading the way and blessing we know that what we do will accomplish nothing for Him.

5/03/10 - What a fantastic time we had Friday night at the Asheboro Senior Citizen's Center (Salt Box).  The place was full of smiling faces who were eager and ready to enjoy the singing and to praise the Lord.  Everytime the group goes to sing we hope to be a blessing to those listening but I can surely say that the group was blessed by those who came out to listen.  We certainly appreciate the level of participation and the warm welcome that we received and most of all we thank God for His presence in the midst.  That made it all worthwhile.  We look forward to singing at the Salt Box again on July 30th.

4/19/10 - Please join us in special prayer for the family of our dear friend Buck Venable who went home to be with the Lord this morning.  Buck and his wife Carol have long been a special blessing to the group.

4/17/10 - Please join us in praying for Brother Neal and all his family as they mourn the passing of Neal's brother, David Johnson.

4/07/10 - This new decade has gotten off to a great start.  We have had the opportunity to sing at Bojangles' (N. Main) High Point, Thomasville, and Denton, at Hardees in Randleman, and at Heartland Rehab Center in Greensboro.  We have renewed old acquaintances, made new friends and have experienced the Lord's annointing on the singing services.  We look forward to seeing you at one of the singings in the near future.  Check our schedule link on our home page for up-coming dates.


Our first singing at Bojangles' in Denton, NC                       


12/10/09 - Congratulations to Brandy and Austin Cox on the birth today of their daughter Ryen.  Grandparents Geraldine and Jimmy are thrilled as are all the members of the group. 

11/13/09 - Last night, G-Maw, Geraldine's mother went home to be with the Lord after a long battle with lung cancer.  Please remember Geraldine and all the family in your prayers.  The bookings that we had scheduled for next week have been cancelled.

10/28/09 - Please remember Darlene and her family in prayer.  Her father went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, October 25th.  "Daddy Jim" and Darlene's mother, Vivian, had surprised the group by traveling from Tennessee to our 7th Anniversary sing last month.  It would be the last time that we would get to spend time with him here but soon we will be together forever in the presence of our Savior.

10/16/09 - Last night we made our last appearance at Bojangles' in Thomasville for 2009.  So many of our dear friends were there.  What a wonderful way to finish up such a great year of worshiping together.  For the occasion we pulled out some of our older songs that we had not sung before in Thomasville and even added a couple that are relatively new for us.  I can't praise God enough for the opportunities that He has given us to minister in song in so many restaruants in the area this year.  Given the times in which we are living I'm thankful that God's children are not ashamed to raise their hands in praise no matter where they are.  Many people who don't know God pass through the restaurants during the hour and a half that we are singing and worshipping together.  It is always our prayer that they will hear or see something that will make them want to know the great God that we serve.  Thank you Thomasville and surrounding area for being such wonderful supporters of the Echos of Faith in 2009.  God willing, we will wrap up our 2009 restaurant ministry next month on the 17th at Mayberry's in Lexington.  We would love to see you there.

10/6/09 - Wow!  What a wonderful evening we had last night at Hardees in Randleman.  The Holy Spirit really blessed and the response was wonderful.  It is so good to see that in this day that we are living that people are not ashamed to praise God in a public place.  We had a spirit of community from the time we arrived.  The people pitched in and helped carry in the equipment which helped us get set up faster.  You just don't know how much of a blessing that is because it allows the group to have a few extra minutes to catch their breath and have prayer before we start singing.  We were also blessed to have our former pastor and his wife with us last night, Brother Doug and Sister Linda Byrd.  We want to thank Grady for booking us and thank God for our health.  The last time we sung at Hardees both Geral and Darlene were sick, but this time everyone was feeling reasonably well.  Thanks again for the great response and the fellowship afterward.  We look forward to singing in Randleman again.

10/4/09 - We want to thank Kitty for the recent booking at Mayberry's in Lexington.  We had a wonderful time and got to make some new friends.  We also want to thank some of our regular friends for coming out for the evening of fellowship and singing on 9/22.  God willing we'll be back at Mayberry's on November 17 so mark your calendars.    

9/16/09 - Last night was our first opportunity to sing at Bojangles' North Main in High Point and I must say that we were unprepared for the crowd that turned out for the singing.  Not only was there a lot of people but they were without a doubt one of the most responsive groups that we have sung for in the local restaurants.  I think it is safe to say that they came to worship.  Thanks to Brother Doyle Ramey for having us.

9/13/09 - Praise the Lord!   We had a wonderful 7th Anniversary Singing.  Not only did many of our friends and family come out, but best of all God answered our fervent prayers and crowned the service with a precious lady rededicating her life to Christ.  It was such a thrill to have Brother Doug and Sister Linda Byrd join Lisa and Neal to sing three songs that they sang together as a group in the early eighties and continued to sing occasionally at church through the nineties.  Brother Doug also joined Darlene and LaVern to reprise a couple of songs that he sung with them while their pastor at Uwharrie Baptist.  Geral's dad, Artie Coleman, brought along his banjo and joined Geral, Darlene, Jeremy, and Neal on an instrumental of "I'll Fly Away" and then Artie  sung a song for us.  Having Doug, Linda, and Artie join us was a way of revisiting our "roots" in gospel music.  Altogether we sung and praised God for almost two hours and then had a great time of refreshments and fellowship afterward.  We can't praise God enough for what He has done for us and we thank Him for allowing us to have this singing ministry.  It is our fervent desire to be able to point lost souls to Christ and to be a blessing to those who already know Him until He calls us to be with Him forever.  Please ever keep us in your prayers and join us in services and concerts when you can.  We will be singing on Tuesday, September 15th at Bojangles' North Main in High Point at 6:30pm.  We hope to see you there.

8/31/09 - What an incredible service we had last night at Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Asheboro, NC.  Pastor Marty Grainger and all the members there made us feel very much at home.  More than that, the Holy Spirit gave us great liberty to sing and testify of God's grace.  The time of fellowship and refreshments after the singing was awesome.  This was our second trip to Cedar Grove and we certainly hope that it won't be our last.

8/29/09 -  Tonight we met some new friends at Bojangles' in Thomasville.  We had a near full house for tonight's singing.  Thanks to everyone who came out.

8/11/09 - We would like to thank Brother Elwood Goodman, Pastor of Southside Baptist Church in Lexington, NC for the warm welcome that we received at Southside last night during their revival.  The Spirit of the Lord clearly moved on people's hearts throughout the service.  It was great to get to see friends that we had not seen in quite some time:  Rick, Denise, and Zelda.  Thanks to all our Uwharrie family that came out to be with us in the service last night.  Finally, thanks to the brothers and sisters of Southside for all your words of encouragement.

7/28/09 -  The Echos of Faith have set the date for our 7th Anniversary Singing.  The singing will be held at Uwharrie Baptist Church (5891 Uwharrie Road, Archdale, NC) at 6:00pm.  Refreshments will be served in the church fellowship hall after the singing.  We hope all our friends and family will join us. 

7/28/09 - We had a great time at Kosta's in Archdale last night.  One of the folks came by and said that we "sung up a storm".  They were referring to the fact that God blessed us with a pretty good thunder shower while we were singing.  That didn't dampen the spirits of the people.  Neil even reconnected with someone that he had played with "many -- many years ago".  We were able to make some new friends last night and to see some familiar faces that we had not seen in a couple of months.  Thanks Kitty for the invitation to sing.  It was a true joy. 

7/27/09 - Due to a last minute cancellation, the Echos of Faith will be singing tonight from 6:30 - 8:00 at Kosta's Family Restaurant in Archdale.

7/20/09 - Our scheduled date on 7/21 at Heartland Rehab in Greensboro has been cancelled.  A new date has been scheduled for 1/19/2010.

6/13/09 - Despite equipment problems and sickness, we had a wonderful evening singing and worshiping last Thursday at Cloverdale Baptist Church in High Point with Brother Kenny Brown during the revival services at his church.  Not only were we greeted by very friendly brothers and sisters in Christ, but God greeted us with wonderful blessings throughout the service.  In many ways it was like a reunion as we got to worship with several friends that we had not seen in a long time: Brother Kenny, Sister Mary, Brother Wilbur and Sister Wanda, and Sister Kathy.  Many of our Uwharrie Church family came out for the revival services that evening.  I'm sorry that I missed getting the evangelist's name but I really praise God for the wonderful message that he brought about the kind of church that every pastor would like to have.  We all had a good evening in the Lord.  On a personal note, please be much in prayer for Sister Geral's mother (we all call her G-Maw).  The doctor has told her that the cancer is terminal but we all know that the only timetable is God's.  Pray for G-maw, Geral, and all the family.

6/3/09 - The wait is over!  Our new CD, "My Faith's Here to Stay" has arrived.  Click on on the OUR NEW CD IS HERE headline above for more information.  Also mark your calendar to come out and be with us when we sing next Thursday, June 11, at Cloverdale Baptist Church, 1704 Ogden Court in High Point NC at 7:00pm.  Our good friend, Rev. Kenny Brown is pastor, and they will be holding revival each evening at 7:00pm June 8 - 11.

5/29/09 - It has been a day of good news.  First let me give God PRAISE that Darlene came through her surgery with no problems and no surprises.  Thanks for the prayers.  Second, thanks to the wonderful folks at Dove Enterprises for their super quick turn-around of our CD project.  We got notification that it shipped today and we will have it available for you on June 3rd.  Finally, I want to say thanks to all our long-time friends and the new folks that braved the rain and storm to come out to Bojangles' in High Point last night.  You are such a blessing to the group.

Echos of Faith at Bojangles 5/28/2009           Echos of Faith Band 5/28/2009

Bojangles' 5/28/2009  

5/27/2009 Our June and early July dates have been cancelled and will be rescheduled, but we will be singing tomorrow evening at Bojangles' on South Main in High Point so come out and join us and wish Darlene well for her surgery on Friday.  Pray that if it is God's will that she has a speedy recovery.

5/26/09 - It's time again for some good cajun fried chicken but this time at a new location: Bojangles' on South Main Street in High Point across from the new Dunkin Donuts.  Come join us this Thursday, May 28, at 6:30 for what is sure to be a wonderful evening of singing and fellowship.

5/11/09 - Tonight was our first time to sing at Hardees in Randleman, but hopefully it will not be our last.  The place was packed with wonderful people who were there to enjoy good fellowship and worship God.  I wish that I could say that the Echos of Faith were at their peak but Geral was fighting bronchitis and Darlene was fighting allergies.  Jeremy was unable to be with us but a special thanks to our dear friend, Doug Byrd, for playing the bass for us.  Most of all we praise God for His touch on the time of praise and worship.

5/3/09 - Come out and join the Echos of Faith at Hardees in Randleman, NC next Monday evening, May 11th, from 6:30 - 8:00 for some good southern gospel singing, some good food, and some wonderful fellowship.  We're looking forward to seeing you there!

4/6/09 - Don't forget to come out to Mayberry in Thomasville tomorrow evening at 6:30 for dinner or an ice cream sundae or banana split and enjoy some good Southern Gospel Singing with the Echos of Faith.

3/30/09 - We want to say a special thank you to Pastor Tim Wolf, Music Director Regina Chandler and all the wonderful people at Blaise Baptist Church for the warm welcome that we received last evening.  Most of all we want to praise God for His blessing on the service.  We thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to minister in song and certainly appreciate all the encouraging comments we received after the service.  God has really blessed Blaise Baptist Church with a fine facility and some very friendly members.  We would certainly encourage any of our friends in the Mocksville area who don't have a church home to visit with the fine people at Blaise Baptist.  Thanks also to all the folks from our home church who traveled to Mocksville to be with us last evening.


Echos of Faith at Blaise Baptist Church                                                     Neal at Blaise Baptist

3/21/09 - We had another wonderful evening of singing at Bojangles', this time back in Thomasville.  Several of the friends that we met when we sung last month at Bojangles' in Archdale came down for the Thomasville sing.  Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement and all your support.  A special thanks to Grady and Kitty who work so tirelessly to book these "restaurant sings".  Please join us on April 7th at Mayberry's in Thomasville for our next time of eating, singing, and fellowship.


The group singing at Bojangles' in Thomasville                   Neal's Sister, Mom, and Peyton (Little Jeremy)

1/24/09 - It was with great sadness that we learned earlier today that our former pastor and friend, Rev. Thomas Lackey, went home to be with the Lord this morning.  His home-going was quite unexpected.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and many friends who loved him dearly.  Brother Thomas was a constant source of encouragement to the Echos of Faith.  He always gave us plenty of opportunity to sing at our home church and promoted our group to his pastor friends.  We always counted it a privilege to do backup vocals for Brother Thomas when he sang "I've Got My Foot On the Rock and My Mind's Made Up".  Brother Thomas often preached that to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord and we are confident that he is now with his Lord and Savior and we will meet again.

1/17/09 - The cold weather didn't put a damper on the wonderful time that we had with the many new friends that we met at Bojangles' in Thomasville last Thursday evening.  It was a pleasure and blessing for us to be able to sing and share the good news of Jesus and then enjoy a good time of fellowship afterward. 

 The group singing at Bojangles' in Thomasville, NC

1/9/09 - The Echos of Faith will be singing at the Bojangles' in Thomasville, NC at 6:30pm on Thursday, January 15.  Come join us for some good food and a good time of fellowship and singing.

11/9/08 - We enjoyed a wonderful morning worship service with the fine folks at Little Pine Church of the Brethren near Sparta, NC.  Thanks to the church family for making us so welcome and most of all thank God for His presence in the service.  We look forward to being back at Little Pine next spring.  This was the first opportunity we have had to minister outside our home church since Geral's surgery and the birth of Peyton. 

9/28/08 - Congratulations to Jeremy and Amanda Johnson on the birth of their son Peyton.  Lisa and Neal and Geral and Jimmy are proud grandparents.

9/1/08 - Last night the Echos of Faith celebrated their 6th anniversary with their church family at Uwharrie Baptist Church.  It was in August 2002 that Lisa, Geral, Darlene, LaVern, and Neal adopted the name "Echos of Faith" and first sung at Uwharrie's Friends and Family day.  We were not sure that we were going to be able to celebrate our anniversary this year due to Geral recovering from surgery, but God gave her the strength to stand and sing for almost 40 minutes.  Our lives have been greatly blessed and encouraged by our wonderful church family at Uwharrie Baptist Church who have always supported and prayed for us and to them we want to say thank you.  Most of all we want to thank our wonderful Lord and Savior for His blessing on our lives and ministry these past six years.  It is because of Him that we sing.

8/17/08 - Geral came home from the hospital today.  Please continue to pray for her recovery.  Our appointments for the next few weeks have been cancelled and will be rescheduled.

8/12/08 - Geral underwent surgery yesterday and praise God she came through it well.  Please pray that she will have a speedy recovery.

7/21/08 - Please be in special prayer for Geral.  She is experiencing some problems which may require surgery in the near future.

7/03/08 - Our date scheduled for 7/12 to sing at the Blue Mist in Asheboro, NC has been cancelled.

6/25/08 - Stay tuned, this site is getting a long overdue makeover which will be completed soon.

6/22/08 - What an incredible time we had last night with Brother Doug Byrd and all the fine people at Ayersville Baptist Church.  We were privileged to be part of a benefit concert along with the Gospel Sounds, For Heaven's Sake, the Goins Family and a duet from the local church.  Best of all the Spirit of the Lord blessed us all in such a wonderful way and the benefit for a very worthy young man was quite successful.  Each group that sung had their own unique style ranging from Bluegrass to Southern Gospel to Traditional but each group sung from their heart with the obvious purpose of honoring our LORD.  After service we had a great time of fellowship as some of the singers gathered round the mic and sang for another half hour together while equipment was being packed up and as people were slowly making their way to their cars for their reluctant drive home.  I too was reluctant to leave.  The service reminded me so much of the wonderful singings that I used to go to when I was growing up back home in Georgia many years ago.  It's comforting to know that in an age when everything seems to be changing that we can always count on One who never changes and whose blessings are always there when we come before Him with praise and a humble and expectant heart.


HELP US PICK SONGS!  We have started making plans for our next CD which we hope to record in early fall.  As always we want to record songs that will be a blessing to those of you who listen to them.  That is why we are asking you to help us choose some of the songs that will be on the CD.  Please sign our GUESTBOOK  and tell us which song or songs that we currently sing and have not yet recorded that you would like to have on the next CD. We will look through all the suggestions and pick some of your favorites to include along with some of our favorites and maybe a new song or two that you haven't heard yet.  We also ask you to pray with us that God will direct in the song selection process and in the recording effort when we get to that point.  Without His Spirit leading the way and blessing we know that what we do will accomplish nothing for Him.  Following is a partial list of some of our songs that we have not recorded.

He'll Roll Me Over The Tide, Standing Proud - Standing Tall, He Is Mine I Am His, Sometimes He Calms The Storm, God's Remedy, Tears Will Stop, God Walks the Dark Hills, I Hold a Clear Title, Oh What a Happy Day, Without Him, Since Jesus Passed By, Just Me and My Lord, Because of Him, Oh I Want To See Him, Uprising, Had It Not Been, He Touched Me, I'd Never Miss Heaven For the World, Praise God He Is Alive, Be Not Afraid, I've Got My Heart Set On Heaven, I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You, Swing Wide the Gates, Not Afraid, What a Lovely Name, When I See the Cross, Come To Calvary, Power In Prayer, and I Believe He's Coming Back