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3/05/13 - Our on-line schedule for the group's concerts has been updated with our 2013 schedule.  Please check now then check back often for updates.  Also note that we are now available for bookings on most Sunday nights.

1/17/13 - Wow!  It is hard to believe that it is already 2013.  The last 6 months have been pretty rough for the group due to sickness but I'm happy to report that everyone is beginning to feel much better.  We are looking forward to a special singing next Tuesday evening at Trisha's Restaurant in Thomasville, NC.  We are thrilled that there is going to be a new restaurant supporting gospel music and better still, serving the cause of Christ.  That is why we decided to book the appointment although we are taking a couple of months off during January and February.  The restaurant is located at the corner of National Highway and Julian St. at the underpass.  Come out at 6:00pm on Tuesday for some good food, good singing, and great fellowship.

7/15/12 - Thanks to everyone that came out to Spiro's Restaurant last night to support the benefit concert for Elaine Wall.  The audience response was overwhelming and we are so thankful that God used our group to touch people's hearts.  Our next singing will be on July 30th at Bojangles in Archdale, NC.

8/22/11 - Thank God for His great blessings on our 9th Anniversary Singing last Saturday evening.  We were able to renew acquaintances with many friends that we had not seen in some time and we all worshipped the Lord together.  Our special guests, The Joyful Sounds, did such a great job and God used their music to touch our hearts.  A great big thank you goes out to our church family for the loving and continuing support that was evident in the food and fellowship time that followed the service.  If God allows us to be here next August, we are looking for an even bigger and better event as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in service to Him.

8/07/11 - What a thrill it was for us to be at New Grace Baptist Church last Friday evening.  Pastor Donnie Lunsford and the folks from New Grace made us feel right at home.  It was wonderful to get to hear Bro. T.D. Burgess preach again.  It was almost 40 years ago that I first heard him preach and he is still going strong for the Lord.  It was great to see several "old" friends (you know who you are) that we don't get to see much and to fellowship with them.  As always, our family and friends from Uwharrie Baptist Church also came out to support us and enjoy the good preaching.  Best of all, the Spirit of the Lord ministered to people in the service, from the beginning song until the closing prayer.  Thank God that there is still a remnant of His people who love and worship Him!

8/03/11 - Dr. Ed Ballew was one of the great old fashioned preachers of the 20th century.  Brother Ed went home to be with the Lord last year but thanks to his grandson, we can still enjoy and gain spiritual blessings and benefit from recordings that have been put together on a new website.  You owe it to yourself to take a look at the website and listen to some of the sermons that Dr. Ballew preached while he was still with us.  You can access the website by going to our ABOUT US page and then clicking LINKS on the left menu. 

7/24/11 - Thanks to everyone who came out to Southern Style Family Restaurant last night.  We got to see so many friends that we had not seen in a long time.  We are thankful most of all that the Spirit of the Lord ministered to people during the singing.  We have 2 dates coming up in August that we hope you can attend.  On August 5th at 7:00pm we will be singing in revival at New Grace Baptist Church in Thomasville, NC where Bro. Donnie Lunsford is pastor.  Bro. T.D. Burgess will be the guest speaker.  The 2nd date is August 20th which is our 9th Anniversary Singing at our home church.  Our special guests this year will be The Joyful Sounds.  You can read more about that singing in our 7/10/11 post below.  Please keep us in your prayers.  We want to always do exactly what God desires for us.

7/10/11 - ECHOS OF FAITH ANNIVERSARY SINGING - Saturday, August 20, 2011 at Uwharrie Baptist Church, 5891 Uwharrie Road, Archdale, NC 27263 (Pastor: Stephen Marine).  We would be thrilled to have you come and join us for our 9th Anniversary Singing.  We will be celebrating JESUS and His blessings in a worship filled service starting at 6:00pm.  This year our very special guests will be The Joyful Sounds from Greensboro, NC.  Anne, Dottie, and Tim are not only terrific singers but they are dedicated to serving God and representing their Savior in a way that will let everyone know of the great salvation they have found in Jesus Christ.  If you aren't familiar with the Joyful Sounds you can check out a link to their website from the Links section of our ABOUT US page or you can watch the video clip below.  Not only are we looking for a good time of singing and praising God, but following the singing we will have a wonderful time of fellowship and refreshments in the church fellowship hall.  Come join us, come praying, and come expecting a blessing and God will not disappoint you.  If you have lost friends or loved ones this would be a great opportunity to have them hear the Gospel, so bring them with you.  For more information contact LaVern Payne at 336-434-6225 (home), 336-471-4189 (cell) or by email at lavern@echosoffaith.com .  Download our 9th Anniversary poster by clicking HERE.

6/20/11 - We had such a wonderful time at Hardee's in Randleman tonight.  It had been almost 7 months since we had done an hour and a half program and our voices were cracking and getting tired by the end, but the great news is that the Spirit of the Lord was in the house.  There were several people who had never heard us before as well as quite a few "old" friends.  I'm thankful for how God ministered in lives.  Please continue to remember all the group members in prayer.  Pray that our voices will grow stronger and that we will be able to get back to regular practices.  We had hoped to have our new CD ready by our Anniversary Singing in August but so far we have not been able to even lay down the tracks.  I don't know what God is doing but He does, so we will wait patiently on Him.

6/06/11 - Geral's dad, Artie Coleman, went home to be with the Lord last Thursday.  Some of you may remember Artie playing the guitar and singing at a couple of our concerts in the last 2 years.  Please keep Geral and all her family in your prayers.  Due to the situation we have cancelled this coming Sunday's booking at Little Pine in Sparta, NC. 

5/04/11 - We had a great time last night at Asheboro Summit.  The folks there were so kind and gracious.  They really got into the music and into a worshipful spirit.  We're looking forward to being with them again on August 9th.  It was a hard evening for Geral.  Just before she left to come to the singing, her dad had to be sent back to the hospital with a possible arterial blockage.  He had already been in the hospital twice in the last couple of months and has had a heart attack.  Both Geral and her dad need your prayers.  Also because of his situation and the fact that Geral is his primary caregiver, we have cancelled our planned singing on 5/12/11 at Bojangles on N. Main Street in High Point.

5/02/11 - If you haven't checked out our schedule recently now is the time to do so.  We have added several new bookings and hope that you will be able to come out and join us in the near future.  Also please pray for the group as we have set tentative recording dates of May 19 - May 21 for our new CD that we hope to have ready in time for our 9th Anniversary Singing in August.  Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will guide us in the recording and that listeners will be able to feel God's power as they play the CD.  Our desire is ever to be a blessing to others. 

4/04/11 - Last Saturday evening we were at Fairview UMC in Trinity, NC singing at a fund raiser in their fellowship building.  The good folks of the church were busy serving up flounder, potatoes, cole slaw, hush puppies and even chicken for those who didn't want fish.  After resolving a couple of rare feedback problems with our PA system, we had a good time singing during the benefit supper.  We want to say a special thank you to Gary Benfield for inviting us out.  For those of you that don't know Gary, he is a wonderful saxaphone player and we were priviledged to hear him play a couple songs before we took the stage.  Please continue to remember the group in your prayers and please pray specifically that God will order events so that we can finally cut our new CD within the next couple of months.

3/30/11 - Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Bud Truluk who went home to be with his Lord yesterday.  Bud was a wonderful man and a faithful supporter of our group.  Bud was at our concert last Saturday evening.  When I met him at the door and shook hands I told him that I sure was glad that he came out.  He said that he started to stay at home but then the thought came to him that he might not have the opportunity to see and hear us again.  I didn't know how soon those words would be fulfilled.  Bud's favorite song that the group sings was "God on the Mountain".  For Brother Bud there are no more valleys for he is in the presence of our Lord.  Bud will be truly missed until we are reunited at our "Homecoming In Heaven".

3/27/11 - We had a wonderful time at Sherwood Place last Tuesday evening.  The turnout was great and God truly blessed.  We also had a great time at The Father's House Church of the Living God in High Point on Saturday evening.  The fellowship was good but most of all God ministered to our hearts in a very special way through the others who sung and especially through the testimony of a man who is 94 years young.  He related to us his salvation experience when he was just 18 and how that he went on to be a pastor for over 60 years before retiring.  He was such a blessing.

3/08/11 -  PRAISE GOD!  Geraldine is doing much better and the other group members have recovered from their winter bouts with sinusitus and bronchitis.  We have been able to get in a couple of practices during the last month and we are gearing up for two singing dates in March.  The first will be at Sherwood Place Apartments on March 22nd.  We really enjoyed our last visit there in November of last year and we are looking forward to seeing those good folks again.  We are also making our first visit to The Father's House in High Point, NC on March 26th at 4:00pm.  If possible, come out and join us.  Also continue to pray that we will remain well so that we can continue to be a witness for our Lord in song and so that we can get to work on our new CD that we had hoped to start last fall.  Thanks again for your all the prayers you have prayed.  We look forward to seeing all our dear friends again in the coming months.

1/15/11 - As many of you know, Geraldine has had problems with her throat since early November and the problems got progressively worse through the end of the year.  We had to cancel some of our singing dates due to the fact that she was unable to sing.  Many prayers have been offered up for her and she seems to be getting a little better.  We do continue to covet your prayers for her full recovery so that we can begin booking new dates for 2011 and so that we can record our new CD.  We know that for God's children, He has a purpose in everything that comes our way.  We believe that He put the Echos of Faith together and that our ministry is not completed yet.  This is just one more trial that we must go through, but we have purposed in our hearts to remain faithful.

10/28/10 - Due to sickness, vacations, and the Furniture Market, the group has missed a lot of practice time in the last 6 weeks.  That, along with our busy singing schedule between now and Thanksgiving, is going to mean that we will not be ready to record our new CD in early November as we had planned.  Please continue to pray for our health and God's direction as we finalize recording plans for later this year or early next year.  I'll give you an update once a new recording date has been set.  I do want to take a moment to thank the great many people who came out to Hardees in Ramseur last Thursday evening.  You were so loving and responsive to the music and to God's Spirit that was surely in the midst.  Thanks so much for your comments of encouragement.  You were all such a blessing.

10/5/10 - Late October and November are shaping up to be busy for the group.  Check out our schedule from the home page and come join us for one or more of the 6 singings between now and Thanksgiving.

9/17/10 - We want to thank everyone who gave us input on the songs for our 3rd CD.  We have now settled on the songs and are finalizing the arrangements for some of the newer ones.  Please pray that God will bless the preparation and recording process.  We have tentatively scheduled the initial recording dates for early November.

9/16/10 - Bojangles' in Denton is no longer hosting gospel singings on Tuesday evenings, therefore our appointments for that location, including next Tuesday night, are cancelled and have been removed from our schedule.

9/03/10 - What a fantastic evening we had at the Salt Box in Asheboro, NC.  The senior center was almost full and the people came ready to worship and have a good time in the Lord.  From the opening song to the close with everyone singing "Amazing Grace" people were praising God, wiping away tears, clapping their hands, tapping their feet, singing along, and smiling enough to make any photographer go crazy.  God's sweet Spirit truly moved through the crowd and ministered to hearts.  I can't begin to tell you how many people complimented Neal on his drum playing and Geral was asked to do a full encore of "Praise God He Is Alive".  We truly enjoy every opportunity to be with the great folks in Asheboro and look forward to our next scheduled date there on January 14, 2011.

9/01/10 - Due to a cancellation, the Echos of Faith will be singing at the Salt Box (Senior Center) in Asheboro this Friday evening (9/3) at 7:00pm. 

8/30/10 - Thanks to everyone who came out for our 8th anniversary singing.  God truly blessed us.  As we looked over the congregation we saw many friends and family members who have supported us from the very beginning and who mean so very much to us.  Thank you just does not seem like enough.  We love you and ask that you continue to pray that God will use the ministry of the Echos of Faith to touch lives according to His will.

8/26/10 - Don't miss our 8th anniversary singing this coming Sunday evening starting at 6:00pm at Uwharrie Baptist Church.  Come out with a prayer in your heart, and praise on your lips and let's have a good time worshipping our Lord as we celebrate His blessing on the ministry of the Echos of Faith for these past 8 years.  It is only because of His mercy and grace that we have been able to sing, record two CD projects, and carry his Word in testimony and song to many hundreds of people during that time.  We just want to praise Him and thank Him for what He has done.  We would love for you to be part of this celebration.  If you have lost friends or family members, be sure to invite them because as always we will present the gospel and they will have an opportunity to get to know God in a very personal way.

8/24/10 - It has been a few weeks since I let you know what has been going on.  Since I last wrote, we have had two terrific singings where God just blessed in a very special way.  One of the singings was at the Salt Box in Asheboro.  The people there are so kind and hospitable.  We were setup a little early and they asked us to go ahead and start singing so we were happy to oblige.  God's Spirit moved during the singing and people were blessed as were we.  We can hardly wait until we get to go back there to sing again.  We also sung at Bojangles' on North Main Street in High Point.  Once again we witnessed God's Spirit move on people's hearts.  People throughout the restaraunt were praising God in their own way.  Some were sitting quietly with tears running down their cheeks and others were up on their feet clapping and waving their hands while others were proclaiming his praises aloud.  It was really a wonderful evening that we won't soon forget.  We are so thankful that God allows us to be part of such gatherings where He is the center of attention and He just outpours a special blessing on His children.  Our hope and prayer is that the lost people that may have just been passing through the restaraunt getting their take out orders saw or heard something that will make them want to know the same Jesus that we know.

7/15/10 - Bless the Holy name of God, our Heavenly Father and praise our Lord Jesus who died and rose again that we might live.  God blessed our "service" at Bojangles' in Denton so richly on Tuesday evening this week.  We felt His presence from the very beginning of the singing until the last goodnight was spoken.  I can't begin to tell you how blessed we were.  I am so thankful that the Christians who had come out for the singing were not ashamed to just forget about their problems for a little while and worship God.  The weather outside was stormy but the peace of God prevailed inside.  I want to say a special thank you to a very special friend of the group, Brother Doug Byrd, who we called at the last minute to fill in for Jeremy on the bass.  As always, with no practice, Brother Doug did a super job playing the bass guitar even on songs he was hearing us sing for the first time.  Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to Kitty for booking us to come.  It was great to find out that the doctor had released Kitty to drive and to see how good that she looks after the very serious surgery that she has undergone.  Please continue to pray for both Kitty and Grady that God will use them to promote gospel singing in our area.  Also plan to be with us the next time we are in Denton on September 21.  You made us feel so welcome that we can hardly wait to be with you again.

6/18/10 - Facebook  You can now keep track of us on Facebook.  Just join the GROUP  "Echos of Faith Quartet".  We have made the group open so that you can upload pictures or videos that you take that are related to the group.  We also invite you to post your comments on the group wall about our concerts or CDs and let us know what you like and don't like.  If there are songs that you would like us to consider then let us know.  When people request that we sing a song that is new for us we try to find that song and give it a try in practice.  Unfortunately, all songs don't fit our vocal range or style but we will certainly try to work on as many as possible.  Thanks again for your continued prayers and support. 

6/6/10 - WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!  God really showed Himself great and mighty this weekend.  In the last week 3 members of the group were at the doctor getting shots and medicine for sinus infections, ear infection, and bronchitis.  The thought had run through our minds that we might not be able to sing this weekend, particularly two outdoor events.  As usual, God is faithful.  He touched our voices and we were honored to sing for almost two hours on Saturday at North Graham Baptist Church's Community Appreciation Block Party.  We enjoyed a great time of fellowship, good hotdogs and popcorn.  We also enjoyed some classic bluegrass music presented by CJ's Bluegrass.  We want to give a special nod to Chris Jobe with CJ's Bluegrass.  Chris is a 21 year old young man that showed his mastery of any string instrument that was handed to him. 

On Sunday we had the privilege of of singing for the morning service of Bethany United Methodist Church in Franklinville, NC.  This was not just an ordinary service but was the beginning of a day's tent revival.  It was such a treat for us to be able to worship with Pastor Brownworth and the wonderful congregation.  Most of all, the Spirit of God was moving in the service.  After a great morning message from Dr. Belton Joyner, Jr., we all enjoyed lunch together under the big tent. We were able to stay and enjoy an afternoon of singing by The Echoes of Praise and Locust Grove Friends from the Church as well as a wonderful southern gospel quartet, Master's Heart.  Not only are Master's Heart exceptional singers but they have a worshipful spirit about them and it would be a true joy to sing with them again any time.  Unfortunately, we were unable to stay for the final group, Just Like Color.

Masters Heart

Master's Heart from Asheboro, NC




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