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The history of The Echos of Faith starts out back in 2000, when Geraldine Adams asked a guitarist from the church and a bass guitarist named Joshua Payne to accompany her on songs she sang. Together they played for the church, as well as a few local singings. After the guitar player left, Geraldine asked another friend from the church, Lisa Johnson, to play piano for her. Lisa quickly accepted, and together the two began singing together in church. After a few practices, Lisa started bringing her husband Neal, the church's drummer, to practice with them. So you had Geral and Lisa singing, Lisa playing the piano, Neal playing the drums, and Josh playing the bass for this duet. At the time, Josh was only 14 and unable to drive, so his father, LaVern, was drafted into driving him to the church to practice. LaVern felt the sound was very good, and started recording the practices, and worked the sound board for them. With LaVern and Josh going off to practices, Darlene, LaVern's wife, started riding along with them and listening. It wasn't long until Lisa and Geral asked her to sing with them. LaVern later jumped in singing bass, and the "Quartet" was born. They began to sing in church on Sundays as well as other functions, which led to invitations to other churches in the area. The group realized that the Lord had brought them together to be a ministry to the local area, and decided that they would follow the Lord's will. On August 17, 2002, at Uwharrie Baptist Church's first Friends and Family Day, The Echos of Faith debuted as the guest singers. Since then, they have recorded two CDs, "Let Me Tell You About Jesus" and "My Faith's Here To Stay", and have sung in churches, nursing homes, restaurants, and campgrounds in North Carolina, as well as churches in Georgia and Tennessee. Today they continue to sing, spreading the Word of God through song, music, and testimony as God leads.


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Last modified: 01/05/14