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The most important thing that you need to know about the Echos of Faith is that each and every member of the group is SAVED!  By that I don't just mean church members.  I mean that each one of us came face to face with the fact that we were lost sinners without hope, but then we accepted God's free gift of salvation that was bought and paid for by the precious blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our salvation is purely the work of the mercy and grace of God in our lives; it was nothing good that we did or deserved.

We now dedicate our lives to serving God in any way that we can.  The singing ministry that He has given us is one of the ways that we serve Him.  We sing first because we love God and second because we want to be a blessing and help to others by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in song and testimony.  Our desire is not to draw attention to ourselves but to point others to Jesus.

Most of the songs that we sing are Southern Gospel but there are also some traditional hymns, some gospel bluegrass, and a bit of praise and worship.  As we choose songs for each service, we ask for God's leadership because He knows the needs of the people in the audience and He knows which songs will minister to them.

The Echos of Faith are blessed to have a live band including a piano, a bass guitar, and a full drum set.  Drums sometime scare people away, but hesitant people in very conservative churches have become fans once they have "experienced" Neal playing the drums.  He is absolutely one of the best church drummers that you will find anywhere.  At times, we also have an acoustic guitar accompaniment to round out the band.

Please check out the other sections on this About Us page for information about the group's history, individual biographies, a recommendation from our pastor, information about our home church, and links to some of our favorite sites.  Most of all, when you think about the Echos of Faith, pray for us, because without God's blessing and guidance we can do nothing.


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Last modified: 01/05/14